Author Guide

You are expected to register on this website in order to submit the text through the Register button and follow the instructions along with the steps contained therein. This process will benefit authors because it facilitates authors to monitor the process of the manuscripts.

Manuscripts may still be able to be sent to our e-mail ( However, we encourage every author to do the registration process above. Please note that BISF uses The Chicago Manual of Style 17th Edition (author-date) in citation, reference, table, figures, and illustration. This citation and referencing style is adapted from the popular known harvard system (author-date).

Publication manuscript template can be downloaded below (including concise writing guidelines):

The manuscript is expected to contain no more than 7000 words (excluding abstracts, reference lists, and tables). Abstracts must be written in maximum of 250 words. Articles must contain contents in the form of abstracts, keywords, introductions, methods, results, discussions, conclusions, suggestions, reference lists, tables (if any), images (if any), and author's declaration. Results and Discussions must be written separately.

All authors are encouraged to use Mendeley to help in writing and managing citations and references. On Mendeley, please use "The Chicago Manual of Style 17th edition (Author-Date)" for the citation style. It is available at menu: View > Citation Style. If the style isn't available immediately, click "More Styles" then search for it at the search column of "Installed" tab and later finish it by clicking "Use this Style".